Just Color Picker

Just Color Picker
螢幕取色器 – Just Color Picker,怎麼樣能夠把網頁底色調成跟某個圖片一樣顏色?你需要螢幕取色器,這個工具只要在游標選定的顏色上按一下預設快速鍵「Alt+X」,色碼就會被記憶起來,供你隨時取用。(阿榮)(下載

[2009.08.27] 感謝中文化作者「青青子衿」推薦並提供作品。
[2013.01.22] 官方免安裝版開啟後即為中文。

# Five formats of colour value: HTML, RGB, HEX, HSB/HSV, and HSL.
# 3x, 9x and 15x zoom of any screen area.
# Picked colours history. History saving function for future use of the picked colours. Removal of colours from the history.
# RGB and RYB colour wheels to display triads and complementary colours.
# Two harmonious colour finders. With this feature you can easily pick harmonious colours, for example, for your web site. Just choose your favourite colour and the colour picker will find the best colours harmoniously matched with yours.
# RGB & HSV colour editors to edit a picked colour.
# Gradient between two latest-picked colours to allow you to pick a colour from a wide range between the chosen colours.
# Optional stay-on-top.
# User-defined hotkey to capture colour info (Alt+X by default).
# Copying the colour value or its selected part to the clipboard just by button click.
# Conversion of HTML, HEX or RGB colour codes into corresponding colours.
# No installation required. Just Color Picker is a portable application and can be run directly from a USB stick.

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